Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Some people, even in my own household, suggest that Valentine's Day was created by greeting card companies to make money off of us romantic saps.  I beg to differ and then ask even if that were true so what?  I say it's not a greeting card holiday.  Certainly, St. Valentine's Day can be traced back to Chaucer's Parliament of Foules.  And while it's true none of the Saints Valentine recorded by the Catholic or Orthodox Church have this feast day or were patrons of romantic love, this is still a day worth celebrating.

 It is a great idea to set aside a day to tell those we love how important they are to us.  Although it is often argued that one can do that on any day of the year, it is rare that those making the argument live up to it.  I think it's also important not to see this day as a day for romantic love alone.  Even for married couples romantic love can be fleeting.  There is a more powerful love that remains and grows, and it is even greater to celebrate.  It is the love that says "I choose to be with you and I will stick with you through whatever comes our way, be it good or bad."  The great thing about this love, too, is that it is inclusive, not limited to two people.  This love can expand to include children, and those who support us in our struggles, and the Holy Trinity who is it's model.

This is the love we celebrated for Valentine's Day.  We did it a little early though.  On Saturday morning we had a family date.  The four of us had brunch at the American Girl Place.  Getting there tested our love as we waited for a long-in-coming train, only to discover we missed the train we actually wanted.  We had a spat, and stood silent on the train for a bit.  When we arrived for our brunch, however, all was already forgiven and forgotten.  We had a delightful time all around.  Yaya had us reading and answering conversation questions, such as "If you owned a store, what would you sell?"  The food was delicious and abundant (enough for two meals), and Daddy even tolerated us wandering around the store for a bit after we ate.

Tonight we'll probably try to have a quiet couple's evening -- a movie, a nice dinner, a glass of wine -- if the girls stay in bed.   Whether we succeed or not, though, I do want to say to my husband "I love you!"  And to my daughters and everyone else I love, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

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