Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Child's Logic

Yesterday (and today) Chicago was in the single digits with wind chills dropping us 15-30 degrees below zero.  Bumble and I stayed home most of the day, but we had to venture out in the early evening to pick Yaya up from drama club.  As we were getting ready to go, she asked if she could bring Pinky Bear with her.  I agreed that would be okay.  Then she asked to bring her baby with her, too.  I told her she should leave the baby home because she would be too cold.  I was trying to keep us as unencumbered and nimble as possible to minimize our time in the freezing and then some weather.  Her response, however, was "I get hat?"  Of course, a hat would keep her warm!  I couldn't resist her logic, so I let her bring the baby, too.  And not only did the baby get a hat, but Pinky got one, too.

When we picked Yaya up, I got another taste of children's winter logic.  She had been picked up by a friend, and I was picking her up from there.  When the front door opened, I saw her standing there in a light jacket with her backpack already on.  "Where is your coat?"  "It's in my backpack."  "Why?" I asked dumbfounded.  "Because I wore this jacket to drama club."  As if that were explanation enough and I should certainly understand...  I think this child may grow up to be a member of the Polar Bear Club and go "swimming" in Lake Michigan in the winter!

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