Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Animal Spelling Game

Last month DH and I decided to take a computer science class through Harvard's edX program.  He already knows quite a bit about what makes computers tick, but I have quite a bit to learn.  Despite my fear of the intricacies of computers and computer programming, I have completed the first problem set.  I created a nifty little spelling game that I thought might help Bumble Bee as she starts learning to read, and in the end it will even be fun for Hummingbird.

The project is online and can be played by anyone who knows where to find it.  So, if you have kids who are learning to spell be sure to check it out!

Now that I've learned a very basic programming language, perhaps I'll be able to learn more and create bigger and better projects to share.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ebates For All Your Online Shopping Needs

For several years I have been using the Ebates site when shopping online.  It offers rebates to hundreds of internet stores (now including Amazon).  Simply follow the link and do your shopping.  A deposit is made to your paypal account or a check sent to your home when you accumulate over $5 more in any quarter.  I tend to be an ultra bargain shopper, so after finding the best deal around, I head to Ebates to complete a purchase whenever I can, thereby adding a little extra savings to a great deal.

I'm sharing this now because Ebates is already thinking about the upcoming holiday season and is offering extra referral bonuses.  They also offer sign up bonuses for new users!  So, if you shop online a lot, or plan to be doing holiday shopping online this year, I do recommend checking out this site if you aren't already using it.  Just follow the link below to get started.