Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prayer Request

For two months my mom has been in and out of the hospital.  It started with stroke-like symptoms that turned out to be a seizure.  Her first time in the hospital 2 spots were found on her brain.  The doctors have been slow and indecisive about what it was and how to treat.  A few weeks ago they did a biopsy on one of the spots (and removed "all" of it).  For whatever reason, the full results were slow to come back.  Today we were told it is a high grade glioma.

The prognosis is not good.  Lately, or not so lately, I feel like God is most definitely ignoring my prayers.  So, although I don't really do the public prayer request, I am asking now for all possible prayers.  We could really use a miracle right now...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Homeschool Input

Bumble Bee is set to start Kindergarten next year... but despite doing well on the classical selective enrollment test, she has been waitlisted or not accepted to 12 magnet and gifted schools in Chicago.  Too many parents are no longer moving out to the suburbs when their children reach school age!  The competition is fierce for the classical/gifted schools, and the magnet schools are based on random lotteries.  

Our neighborhood school is a level 3 school, which means it's a failing school, at the bottom of the heap.  I'm not thrilled about the idea of sending her there.  Chicago has one public "virtual charter school" (homeschooling with the help of CPS). I thought I would do that, but even there she's number 48 on a waitlist.  So, I'm thinking about doing homeschool with her.  Illinois is amazingly lax about requirements, and she's not even legally required to be in school until she's 7!

I was reading up and found a program based on Charlotte Mason's ideas of teaching.  I rather like what I was reading about this program's curriculum.  I also saw, however, that there is an Orthodox online school, St. Raphael's I think it was.  It seems like it would need to be supplemented.

Anyway, I know that lots of you out there homeschool, and I would love to hear about what has worked and not worked for you.  Over the years I have picked up activities here and there from your blogs to use in our down time.  Now, I'd like a little more guidance on putting it all together and having a unified curriculum.

Please comment....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Uncontrollable Laughter

It is not often that our entire family is struck by uncontrollable laughter, but at dinner tonight we all found ourselves infected with giggles.

Hummingbird was telling us about a book she was reading in which the main character cut herself while shaving her legs.  After describing how disgusting it was, she said, "I don't ever want to shave.  Do I have to shave my legs?"

I answered, "No, you don't have to, but in American society people will make fun of you if you don't."  Then I added, "I don't want to shave either.  So, I only do it when I'm going out in public with my legs showing.  I almost never shave in the winter when only Dad will see."  (more information than anyone wants, I'm sure...)

Raucous laughter ensued from the girls, and DH and I began laughing, too.  Through her laughter Hummingbird tried to ask, "Why would you let Dad see your legs and no one else?"  

I realized that I was on the verge of opening a can of worms I did not intend to open.  Trying to avoid the Birds and the Bees talk I answered something like, "Dad thinks my legs are pretty, so sometimes I show them to him."  Enough to silence any further questions, and everyone's laughter eventually calmed.

It was nice to have a moment of full family enjoyment, and it was nice to end with my children still as innocent as ever.