Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Pinata

I'm not terribly fond of the idea of spending $20 for a pinata, but my kids seem to want one for every birthday party.  Hummingbird's party is coming up this weekend, and she has decided she wants a Candy theme.  She wanted a lollipop pinata, but I couldn't find a reasonable way to do it.  So, she agreed to a Nerds candy box as long as it could be rainbow colors.  So, I found a medium size box, printed out a Nerds logo, and started adding tissue paper this morning.  And voila! In about 2.5 hours I had a cute little pinata filled with candy and ready to be hung and beaten to pieces.  

I'm saving myself the usual effort of making the cake.  Instead, we'll be having Nutella pizza from Piece (a great neighborhood pizza place) with M&Ms spelling out "Happy Birthday" and other designs.  The food will all be junky -- candy and sweet relations, nothing healthy!  Definitely Hummingbird's dream!

For games, we'll be doing a peanut butter cup hunt in Easter egg fashion, and playing "poison candy bar" (hot potato, and winner gets the candy bar).