Josiah and Julia Go To Church

Updated September 1, 2012

Somehow as I tried to add a link to a review, this entire page disappeared irrevocably into the abyss that is cyberspace.  So, rather than try to recreate all the excitement I felt at Josiah and Julia being accepted for publication and leading up to the release, I'm simply going to link to other tellings of that excitement, and reviews of the book.

For the story behind the book check out How I Came To Write Josiah and Julia Go to Church.  If you'd rather listen, you can do that too with the interview I did for Ex Libris.

You can also hear the story at Under the Grapevine, and see a preview here.

Here's the list of Reviews:
Bigger than a Breadbox
Praying with My Feet
Close to Home
Patriot News

Adventures of an Orthodox Mom

Copies can be purchased from Conciliar Press, or directly from me if you'd like an signed copy (just email me). Or even on Amazon with this link: Josiah and Julia Go to Church.

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