Saturday, April 21, 2012

Launch Party

A dozen children turned out for today's launch party and had a grand time.  We started with coloring sheets and food as everyone arrived.

After everyone arrived, we played a game of Father Says. The kids really loved this despite the fact that they kept forgetting they shouldn't do the things Father didn't say.

Next, I read the book followed by a rendition from Hummingbird and Maggie.

We ended the structured activities playing "Hot Book."
The music is Gigi (Baba) Shadid: Fruits of the Spirit

Congratulations to Caroline who won a copy of Josiah and Julia Go to Church and agreed to donate it to her church!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Questions from Mat. Anna

1. When you see "children's book", what comes to mind first?
Josiah and Julia Go To Church (shameless plug: if you don't own it yet, run out and buy it)!  I also think Kevin Henkes, and Kiss Goodnight (awesome illustrations).  Okay, before I end up with a long, long list, I'll admit I am a children's literature junky.  I definitely read more children's lit than adult lit these days, and while there are a few books that I'd rather never read again, there are tons that I could read a million more times. 
I promise the rest of my answers will be shorter.

2. Who is funnier: Buggs Bunny or Moe, Larry and Curly?
Buggs Bunny
3. Name a form of music or artist you can't believe you ever used to like.
 All I can think of is New Kids on the Block, but I still have a certain fondness for them actually.
4. Name a fashion fad you fell for in middle school.
Big Bangs!  Fold and Roll Jeans
5. What do you call a car that sweeps past you on the interstate?
6. Have you ever been anywhere with two different shoes on?
This could go under number 4, too.  In middle school I intentionally wore one black & one white tennis shoe.  Hummingbird and Bumble Bee like mix and match shoes, too.
7. Do you have a local accent? Does it match your current location?
Only when I'm upset or talking really fast, and no it doesn't match Chicago.  Definitely not.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Paschal Sermon of Bishop Matthias of the Diocese of the Midwest

Christ is Risen!

By way of explaining his opening remarks, we had a severe thunderstorm roll in just in time for the procession, which, of course, had to be modified.