Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preparing for the Chicago Ground Hog's Day Blizzard

My husband and I are Southerners, but we've been living in the North (both the Northeast and the Midwest) for over a decade now.  We've seen a fair bit of snow, and since having kids, I've pushed all sorts of strollers through it.  We even have snow shoes that we take out to Northerly Island to tromp around in the snow for fun.  Despite all our snow experience, however, neither of us has yet encountered a blizzard.

Assuming we don't lose power because of ice, which seems unlikely to happen here, we're pretty well set.  I've already gotten all the groceries I would need for a week (that's my Friday and Saturday task anyway).  Today I'll be driving DH to work so he won't have to try to bike home in deep snow.  While I'm out, I'll get a few extra groceries that we might like to have just in case -- if the shelves aren't bare.  Our only worry is whether our 100+ year old roof will hold two feet of snow.  It has a few leaky spots in severe rain that are a little worrisome.  Say some prayers for us on that one...

In addition to being Ground Hog's Day tomorrow (which we think will be the namesake for this storm) it is also the Feast of the Presentation or Meeting of the Lord in the Temple (and Bumble's baptismal day).  Fortunately, we live only a few blocks from the church (as do the priest and choir director).  So, while most of the parish will probably miss the services, I've got my plan for making it.  Later today I'm going to fashion a sled out of the girls' old baby tub and one of their many jump ropes.  Then, I can strap on my snow shoes, put them in the "sled," and pull them to church.  It will be easier if CPS decides not to close the schools tomorrow because Yaya is heavy!

As we wait for the snow to roll in we'll be following Tom Skilling like so many others across the nation, and I have plans to take pictures and document this storm as it goes.  So, check back later for more news...

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