Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Update #1

A cyclist! Believe it or not I saw three such people today!
The snow started falling lightly in our neighborhood a little over an hour ago (it's now 3:30PM).  It has gotten heavier in the last hour.  I went out to wait for Yaya's bus at 3:15 knowing that I'd have to wait longer than usual, but intending to take some pictures of the early snow.  While I was taking the pictures, her bus driver called to say that what is usually a 15 minute drive looks like it's going to take an hour!  Yesterday Yaya was the only one on her route riding the bus home.  I hope she has some company to keep her from being bored!
North view of the street

DH checked in and is going to try to leave work in an hour.  His adviser told everyone to go home about 30 minutes ago.  However, he's getting stuff done, which doesn't always happen with cells, so he's going to try to stay longer.  As I glance out my window, I see the snow is getting heavier and the wind is really blowing.  Fortunately, the L trains should make his commute home a little easier.
South view of the street
Our priest is currently deciding, in collaboration with the deacon and choir director, whether to cancel services.  I know Fr. Tom really wants to have the services, but poor Mat. Joanna would be much more comfortable if he were home with her.  I put in my two cents that perhaps they should be canceled if it would keep the deacon home... It's no trouble for us to get there, but it would certainly strand him.  He may not like me for giving my opinion if he reads this!  (If you do read this, Fr. Tom, Bumble made you a lovely birthday painting, so don't be mad...)

 The mail and FedEx were able to make it through today, but tomorrow may be another story.  If school is closed tomorrow, we'll have some activities to keep us busy.  The package on top of the mail box is a paint sample I ordered to paint the bedrooms in a dollhouse we got for the girls around Yaya's birthday.  Her February Ask magazine also arrived today!

Skinner North is having after school programs for parents who couldn't make it there for 3 O'clock pick up, but the school across the street from us is not!
I thought it might be fun to follow the snow with the fire hydrant

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  1. Fun! I look forward to following your updates!

    (Our storm is over. We're very waterlogged.)