Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Aftermath

Okay, so my title is a little tongue in cheek, and I lied about the previous post being the last blizzard post.  These have been an easy few days, and we haven't had any trouble.  We were smart enough to stay off of Lakeshore Drive and not try to take our cars down unplowed streets; so, we've been having a grand ole time.  Last night I took a walk to the alley for a few more photographs.  The end of the alley was largely cleared by someone, but the snow drifts on the uncleared area were nearly to the top of the garbage and recycling cans.  Our garage (the cream colored one by the light pole) looks downright buried.  When I opened the garage door this morning, it was much less impressive... I really thought it would be a significantly higher drift than it is.  Oh well!
As I returned to our apartment one last time for the evening, I paused to notice the landing of our downstairs neighbors.  We were in and out many times yesterday, and each time I noticed their boots sitting on the landing unmoved.  There were also wonderful food smells wafting under their door.  They apparently spent a cozy day in, enjoying some good food and conversation (I could hear them talking, too).

 That brings us to today.  CPS got a second snow day, but Daddy went to work, and my part-time ward came to me today.  So, Yaya is the only one with another vacation day.  This is the last, though.  The principle just emailed that CPS announced school will be open tomorrow.  Skinner North, located in the heart of the former Cabrini Green, is as yet unplowed and sitting amidst 3 foot snow drifts.  School bus service won't be running until Monday, so it looks like I have to dig my car out before morning.  Before I would let the girls out to play today, I made them work.  Their room was a mess, so they had to clean before playing.  Just before lunch we went out to the backyard.  Last night Daddy shoveled a path up to the garage, but the rest of the yard was untouched.  We fixed that!

Conquering the snow wall
Everyone needs a large chunk of snow.
"Don't come any closer, Bumble.  I'm sinking."
It's tough to climb a snow mountain when you're small.
"Here, Mama, for you."
The girls were willing to climb on the part that had been shoveled up. However, they were less sure about going over it at first. I really wanted Yaya to make a snow angel for me, but she refused for fear of sinking and being stuck forever. So, I had to make the first angel, and then both of them were eager to follow!  Yaya managed to make a small angel next to mine (the photo is from the second floor balcony), but Bumble couldn't do more than climb through it.  When they finished, I had to climb in and lift both of them out and back to solid ground.
 One last photo comparison:

Our messy, but still pretty deep fire hydrant

A pristine hydrant at the end of our block

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