Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doll House Rug

While we were visiting grandparents in Georgia at Christmas, we took Yaya to the History Museum.  She had a few dollars that she was dying to spend on a souvenir, but there wasn't much in her price range for kids.  After refusing to let her buy a few items, she found a package of Spool Doodles hidden on the bottom shelf covered with dust.  It had no price on it, but she was begging me to let her buy it anyway.  I told her she would have to ask the docent what the price was before I would agree.  When he came back into the room, she pounced with her question.  He thought a second before saying, "Well, that's been there for years now.  How about $2?"  She eagerly handed over her money.

I thought she might be able to keep busy with this on our long drive home.  However, when we started out days later, she had already lost the main instructions, and I couldn't figure it out from the particular project instructions.  I found the instructions about a week after we got home, but we had other things to do and the Spool Doodles were momentarily forgotten.  I found them again earlier this week and decided to use some of my yarn to figure it out, so I could show Yaya how to do it later.  I started working last night while guarding the bedroom door to keep the girls from getting up at bedtime (we've been having a great struggle with this lately when Bumble discovered how to climb out of the crib).

So, I worked for 30 minutes in front of the door and continued while watching TV later in the evening.  After about 4 hours of labor, I managed to make a small dollhouse rug.  I imagine it beside a bed for cold winter mornings in the dollhouse.  Well, this is a pretty time consuming task and sometimes tricky to hook the loops, so I'm not sure how long Yaya will do this craft.  I guess we'll see.


  1. Yes, I got one off the free section of craigslist around their birthdays last year. We're in the decorating process. It came with some furniture, and we just got some paint samples to spruce it up a bit, too.

  2. Great! I'll make some little things and send them up there. Is it a regular 1:12 scale?

  3. I have no idea of the scale, but I assume it's pretty standard because it's about the size of one my sister had when we were kids.

    We'll make an extra rug for Flopsy's dollhouse, too!