Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Update #4

They (Tom Skilling and the WGN newscasters) say the 4 inches per hour snow is starting now, and thunder snow will be coming, too.  It doesn't seem so bad on our street yet.  The wind is gusting, but it's not excessive.  You can definitely see the buildup on our front steps.  I shoveled them after taking this photo.  After pushing the snow on the last step to the side, I found that the snow was perfectly level with our bottom step.  My husband tells me I'll have no credibility while you can see the tires on cars.  It's not my fault that the snow plows are keeping the streets clear, and people are still driving!  Do you see the tail lights on the car in the top right corner of the photo? 

9:15 PM
Our street seems to be hopping.  While taking the pictures I've seen multiple neighbors shoveling, or snow blowing.  Someone was even blaring music at one point.  On Lakeshore Drive people have been stranded on a bus in traffic for FIVE hours, but their in high spirits.  I love Chicago!

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