Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In the morning...

Our snow drift...
I slept a little late today. It was 7:30 AM before the girls woke me up.  I gave them some food, and went out to take some pictures.  It wasn't snowing when I first woke up, but about 5 minutes after I got outside it started to snow lightly.  It's getting a little heavier now (8:25 AM).
 It is certainly impressive.  I've put some pictures of the front yard/street first.  I had to shovel the steps before I could get out to take more pictures.  The next two pictures are the north and south views of the street.  Our neighbor to the north has already used the snow blower on most of the sidewalk.  He stopped about halfway down the block in the southern direction.
Here are a couple of shots of my favorite fire hydrant.  Now it looks like we really had a blizzard.  The first image looks deep because of the snow pushed up by the snow blower.  The second one is the image I had been hoping for.

Some crazy soul tried to drive even though our street is still unplowed.  He apparently made it off of the street because I saw no cars stuck in the middle, but I can't imagine where he is trying to go.  Finally, here's a shot of my shoveling job.  So much snow is actually quite heavy even though this is supposedly the "fluffy" stuff.  I only did a small path to get down.
Next I ventured out to the backyard.  Just before bedtime last night, DH performed his nightly perimeter check and told me about the snow that snuck inside through the first floor porch wall.  So, here's a picture of our back stairwell/porch.  When I opened the back door, the sight was quite impressive.  The backyard has been untouched... The snow drift at that door was even higher than the front.  Sadly, it got a little messed up when I opened the door as some of the snow stuck to the door.  The garage is raised some from ground level.  To give you an idea of how much snow is there, it takes two good sized steps to get up to that door.   It's now 9:03 AM, and I'm going to publish this in a second.  But first, Yaya looked out the window a minute ago and said, "Look! The blizzard's back!"  It's really coming down now.  She doesn't want to go play in it, though.  She says she doesn't like snow anymore.  It's cold!

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