Thursday, February 24, 2011

Backwards Day

I am of the opinion that most children today are coddled too much.  By the time my children started walking, I was having them help clean up by bringing me books to put away, or throwing toys into boxes.  Rather than feeding them jars of baby food, I used a method to teach them to feed themselves the food that I was cooking anyway.  And when it comes to clothes I give them full choice on what to wear (six days a week and as appropriate for the weather).  Yaya always wanted to pick her clothes, but she didn't start dressing herself until she was 3 years old.  Bumble Baby has recently decided it's time to spread her wings and dress herself.  She's been waking up about an hour before me this week.  Each day she has come to my room around six in the morning asking for help with a snap or a sleeve, and I've groggily helped her before rolling over to get a little more rest.  Largely she's been very successful at this endeavor.  Today when she came running to me after I awoke, I had to laugh (and then praise her efforts). She managed to get everything on the same way, but it was all backwards.  That did not bother her, though, and she refused to change a thing!  She has a strong sense of independence, and I do want to encourage that, so today is now Backwards Day.

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