Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Finally Arrived

I've been enjoying our mild winter.  It had been a nice reprieve from the oodles of snow we had last year.  But... I'm willing to acknowledge it's time for some real winter weather.  So, when it finally started snowing yesterday mid-morning, I enjoyed watching it fall, and playing in the yard with Bumble Bee.  The yard, in fact, looked quite beautiful draped in white.  However, since the snow fell, and fell, and kept falling throughout the day, I didn't dare take my camera out for pictures.  Today it had finally slowed, even stopped for a bit, so I could venture out with the camera.  I liked how things looked better yesterday, but today was still pretty.  So, here's a taste of winter...

Bumble Bee wanted to dust the snow off of everything.
Gracie the Dog came out to play, too.
I love the wavy snow on this lawn chair.

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