Sunday, January 22, 2012

If You Had Control of Your Kid's MP3 Player...

...what would you put on it?

Hummingbird used the last of her birthday money to buy herself a Barbie MP3 player.  She's really glad she listened to me and Dad and got this instead of a bunch of cheap, plastic, pretend Barbie gadgets.  Since it arrived yesterday, she's been begging us to put some songs on it.  So, we put on a few that she's been planning for sometime.  Now I have control of the player for the night, and I'm hoping to add some kid-friendly, but not necessarily kiddie*, picks that I enjoy.  After all, don't we all want our kids to enjoy our music, and not just the "junk" they play on the radio?  I'm auditing my MP3 library tonight and will go through some of our CDs later for good songs.  I've already added two -- Lord of the Dance (Simple Gifts), and I Wanna Be (500 miles).  I spotted those two pretty quickly as both hold a special place in my music heart.  There are a hundred others with which I'd eventually like to acquaint her, but some of them will have to wait until she's older.  She's getting there fast, so I'll try to influence her as much as I can now before I become totally uncool!
*She feels she's too old for most of our Justin Roberts and They Might Be Giants kid collections.  I'm so glad she did pick Downtown and Song for a Winter's Night on her own.

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