Saturday, January 28, 2012

One More Fashion Post...

Okay, I am not a fashion expert, so I promise I won't keep this up much longer.  The next challenge was Open to Interpretation, ie. create an outfit inspired by a picture.

Here's the picture from J. Crew via Freckles in April. (I couldn't get the picture to post, so you'll have to link to it.)

And here's my take.

From the back because I love the small pleats
at the bottom of this skirt. 
And I must thank Lisa, who grew tired of
said skirt and gave it to me.

And from the front... 
You can't see the black heels very well,
but they have an adorable little bow at the toe.

Finally, another thought about the previous post. Hummingbird has no hesitation when it comes to mixing patterns, so when she stepped out of her bedroom today, I thought, Look at those patterns. I need a picture!  You may have to zoom in to see the polka dots on the leggings, but I love it.


  1. Aak! Look how big she's gotten! Where did the time go??

    (She mixes patterns like Flopsy does - completely without fear.)

  2. The time does fly. I see her everyday and still wonder how she got so big!

    As we left the house today, she added a pink & white polka dot bow to her hair, too. I love that they are so daring!

  3. I just emailed you a picture of her from a few years ago. Daring indeed.