Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kids with Icons

Quite some time ago, I heard about Jocelyn Mathewes photography project "Women with Icons."  I thought it sounded like a great idea.  Well, I was thinking about it again the other day, and I looked up her website to check out the photographs.  I was certainly taken with them and indeed, inspired by them.

So, having failed to get the yearly portraits of my kids for their birthday albums, I brushed hair and dressed them up to take portraits myself.  And since I had been thinking about "Women with Icons," I decided to do my own project "Kids with Icons" (specifically, my kids). Many of the pictures came out great, but some had red eye problems and needed touching up.

This one for instance need some touching up (forgive the blurriness, there was no way to save the screen, so I had to photograph it).  I noticed Bumble Bee's eye trouble, but who new the icon would have red eye problems!  (It didn't really. Picasa just got it wrong.)

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