Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Role Model

Acquire a peaceful spirit, and thousands around you shall be saved.


I've been thinking about this quote by St. Seraphim of Sarov for several days now.  I have heard it repeated or read it many times since becoming Orthodox.  Most recently it was in our church bulletin about a fortnight ago.  When I'm sitting alone reading the Bible, or even cleaning the kitchen and listening to the radio, obtaining a peaceful spirit seems like such an easy thing to do.  I think, "When Bumble wakes up, I'll play a game with her. It'll be great!" or "When Yaya comes home from school the first thing I'm going to do is give her a hug."  I resolve to be a gentle disciplinarian and to speak quietly and calmly at all times.  But then life gets in the way.  Someone disobeys, someone whines, something just doesn't go right, and all my peaceful thoughts fly away.  I become tense, frustrated, angry -- everything that I don't want to be.

I want to acquire that peaceful spirit, but I'm just not sure how to do it.  I have been reading the Bible daily, attending church services, and praying; but I still can't seem to keep the bad thoughts and feelings at bay.  Perhaps, I should read up more on the lives of the saints, starting with St. Seraphim, for inspiration and ideas...


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