Thursday, June 30, 2011

(Re)Learning Math

Yesterday I was looking for some online math practice, and I found a site that I really like. It's called Math is Fun.  I plan to use it next week to help Yaya master addition and subtraction facts.  DH and I have been testing the Math Trainer for multiplication.  It is rather frightening how much one forgets after so many years out of school.  However, it is quite a testament to the efficacy of this trainer how quickly one remembers/relearns.  The program times you as you answer multiplication problems, giving you the correct answer if yours is wrong.  It suggests you do three 5-minute sessions a day.  At first there were a few problems I just plain got wrong, but within no time, I was remembering the correct answer again.  The biggest problem now is making my fingers press the numbers my brain is thinking...

The site also offers games, puzzles, and various types of math work (geometry, algebra, etc).  Yaya loves playing on the computer.  I plan to guide her to this site in some of our summer downtime to help sharpen her skills and peak her interest for next school year.

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