Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers' Day

No breakfast in bed for Daddy. It would be too messy for him. However, Daddy did get some cool coupons good for a card, dessert, dinner, and a day of Yaya being nice, as well as a father-daughter photo album with artwork by the girls. Not too shabby. We also celebrated with lunch at Crust. It was tasty, and the girls made some more Father's Day pictures while we waited for food.

To all the special dads who have enriched our lives with tickles, horseplay, and love: 

Happy Fathers' Day

And much love to my husband, my dad, my dad-in-law, Fr. Benedict, and Fr. Tom! 

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  1. How sweet - I'll pass along to Father.

    And Happy Father's day to Sdcn G!