Monday, June 20, 2011

Easy Upcycling Craft (Denim Purse)

This has been a team craft for us between adult (or older child) and younger ones. We've made two types of purses from Daddy's worn out jeans --large purses, and pocket purses.

What You Need:
old, holey jeans
ribbon (choose a thick width for the large purse, smaller for the pocket purse)

sewing machine & thread
fabric glue
markers (or other decorating items)

Project One (Large Purse):
1. Cut off the bottom portion of the legs as high as needed to make a purse in the size you want.  The hem will be the top of the purse.
2. Turn inside out, and sew the cut edges together.
3. Cut a ribbon to the desired length.
4. Fold the edges under (to prevent unraveling), and sew to the inner side seams of the purse.
5. Put an art smock or old T-shirt on your children and hand them some permanent markers to decorate.  You can also cut out pictures to trace, and the kids can color them in.
Project Two (Pocket Purse):
1. Cut the pockets off the same pair of jeans (including the inner jean to which the pocket fabric is attached). You can either cut the top inner edge with pinking shears or cover the edge with ribbon to prevent unraveling.
2. Put fabric glue on the wrong side of one pocket.
3. Place edges of ribbon cut to desired length on the glued side of pocket and place the other pocket on top (wrong sides together). Voila, you have a purse with two small compartments.
4. Put an art smock or old T-shirt on your children and hand them some permanent markers to decorate.
Addendum: The larger purses are great for organizing small toys, carrying books & things while your out and about, and as gift bags for girls' birthdays. We attended a horse themed birthday party once, and Yaya decorated one with a galloping horse for the gift bag.  We saw it holding books in church the following Sunday.

You can also watch demonstrations from the instructional videos page.

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