Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Personalized Liturgy Book for Children

Sometime ago I created a brief liturgy book for my toddler.  I filled it with pictures taken over the course of many Sundays.  Each page showed a part of the liturgy with what it is called (for example, "Little Entrance," "Gospel Reading," etc).  It was a big hit with adults and children in our parish.  Many people hoped I would publish it, and I did try.  However, Conciliar Press suggested that it was too particular to be of much interest to the larger Orthodox community.  I think they are probably right, although I think many people in the Diocese of the Midwest would like it.  Conciliar Press thought a better idea would be to offer a template for people to make their own books.  Nothing has been done through them to pursue that yet, but it may still happen in the future.

Recently my "toddler" having grown into an older voracious reader asked me for a new liturgy book.  So, I sat down and compiled a translation from various sources.*  Then, I brought my compilation to church and edited it while DH handled the kids during Sunday liturgy.  Now, after much labor, I have decided to share this one with everyone.  You can use the template I've created and tweak it with the translation used in your parish and pictures of your church family.  This one is very pink for a girly girl, but you can even change the color scheme.  I've ordered my copy from Shutterfly, and it should be here before Sunday.**  I can't wait to test it out and discover if it can hold the attention of an elementary student through a fair chunk of the service.

* The Divine Liturgy: An Abridged Text for Students by the Department of Religious Education (OCA); The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostomos; and http://orthodoxpathway.blogspot.com/p/divine-liturgy.html.
** The one possible sticking point to your own copy is that it can only be viewed and easily tweaked at shutterfly.com.  They do offer frequent discounts and coupons, though.  If you have more time, you could probably copy and paste into some other photo-sharing site or format.  Finally, if you do use it, I would be very appreciative of any donations for all the work I put in, but please use it even if you can't.

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