Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers' Weekend

I get a whole weekend instead of a day.  Yaya came home from school Friday and was so eager to give me the gifts they made in school.  She had already told me about the coupons they were making earlier in the week.  As she told me what the coupons were for --give a hug, clean the house, make dinner, make breakfast--, I stopped her and said, "Make breakfast, I want to use that one tomorrow."  She love that idea.  She grabbed a pen and paper instantly to take my order and wrote bred with paska chees, stawbarrys, yougur, cofe.

Later, when Daddy arrived home, she accosted him with "Daddy, Daddy, you have to wake up early tomorrow at 7:00 so we can make breakfast for Mama, and she can sleep late!  We can use the bed tray I made!"  Then before going to bed that night, she told me, "Mom, shut your door tonight so Bumble and I can't bother you tomorrow."

Yesterday morning around 7:00 I heard Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, "Daaddy, it time to wake up!"  Yaya had sent Bumble to make sure Daddy was getting up.  I heard Daddy get up, and I lay back in bed and smiled to myself.  Outside my door I could hear the bumping, mumbling, and sometimes yelling that goes along with the girls' morning routine.  Not long after they were all up,  I heard Bumble repeating "Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen."  I don't know if she was trying to get Yaya and Daddy into the kitchen to or if she was just excited to be allowed in the kitchen making noise so early in the morning.  Whatever she her reason, Daddy calmly answered, "Bumble, you must quiet down."  It didn't bother me at all.  I knew I could relax and not worry about keeping the girls quiet so others could sleep.  At 8:00 they were finished, and my door opened letting in two bouncy girls and Daddy with the food.

While I ate, Yaya also gave me a card she made in school (she had shown it to me already, though).  It was a card all about me according to Yaya.  It said things like "My mom's name is Kelly," "My mom's favorite hobby is babysitting" (I had to explain that the real reason I babysit is to spend more time with my own children.), and "My mom's favorite food is green beans" (I probably would not have given that answer if asked, but I had to admit that I do like green beans, and I cook them all the time.).  It was quite a revelation of our relationship!

So, now it's Sunday, and to make it even more special it is also the Sunday of the myrrh-bearing women.  Somehow it seems just right that we should be celebrating both mothers and the women who first announced the Resurrection of the Lord.  So far this morning, I was serenaded with a "Happy Mothers' Day" song upon waking, and I've got a nice stepping stone made by Yaya, Bumble (and me...).  Other than going to church, I don't know if we'll do anything else today, but I'm sure I'll have a great day with all of my family.

Happy Mothers' Day to my mom, my mom-in-law, Mat. Anna, and Mat. Joanna!  We love you all!

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