Friday, May 13, 2011

10 Things You Never Knew About Me

Let's start at birth.

1. I am the worst Christmas present my older sisters ever got.

2. In first grade, I smart-mouthed at teacher.  The class was getting water after recess, and the teacher was counting to 3 for each student's turn.  On my turn, I said, "I can count to three."  I didn't get any water, but I did straighten up after that.

3. I tried out to be a cheerleader every year from 6th grade on, and I never made it.  This is actually funny if you know me because I was...

4. ... so shy through high school that I would only whisper if called on in class.  In fact, the girl who sat in front of me in my history class seemed very smart because I would whisper the answers, and she would shout them out.

5.  Even into my 20s I felt like a child.  I've finally gotten over that, but sometimes others still seem to think it.

6. I am expert at burning food.

7. I don't want pets.  I worry about what would happen to them in a fire, and I don't want to have to wash my hands more often than I already do.

8. I don't care for gold jewelry.  It seems too flashy to me.  I prefer the coolness of platinum and silver.

9. My favorite scene from a movie is in French Kiss when Meg Ryan's character tells Kevin Kline's character, something to the effect of you'll be a lonely old man sitting in the corner of a bar saying, "My ass is twitching.  You people make my ass twitch."  I even laugh at my own impression of the scene, and you must use the gestures (smoking a fake cigarette) while saying it.  It's been too long since I've watched that movie.  I may have to sit down with it this weekend.

10. I unlocked all the achievements on Plants vs. Zombies by myself.  If you'd like to try it, you can find it at various places online.


  1. Fun!

    The ONLY time I was a cheerleader (never tried out, trust me) was for a spoof several of the non-cheerleaders were in at Brookwood for homecoming week. Sadly, I was expected to get into the smallest cheerleader's uniform since I was the smallest non-cheerleader. It fit, except since she was at least 6 inches shorter than I was, that skirt was SHORT! I walked around with a very red face. Oh, and of course, none of us could do splits for the finale, but that shouldn't come as any surprise!

  2. #9 cracked me up... it reminded me of this post from Ree Drummond

    have a blessed day :)

  3. I had to add mine in at Mat. Anna's, I'm having too much fun reading everyone else's, here it is:

    1. My favorite snack is Twizzler's and Orange Juice. The kid in me still likes to bite off the tops and bottoms and drink the juice through the straw- if you haven't yet, try it... your kids will think you're even weirder than you already are.

    2. I do not always set a good example for my kids. (That's right, I am not perfect and I've accepted that)

    3. My blog was intended to be 'our' blog. A collaboration with my husband, unfortunately I took over with my, "Gee, I think that's interesting" or "I think I'll share that today" logic. It's turned into nothing of what we originally conjured up.

    4. I used to be awful at Geography. But, I would use my secret way of passing it off that I'm slightly aware of where someone would be referring to by using my clue of whether I've known the place to be either hot or cold and usually get by with, "That's in the southern hemisphere right?" Note: On reflecting of what I've just written, I think it may be safer to just ask where exactly that is but again, if you're awful at Geography what help will that do? Better to just stay clear of those conversations or just politely nod.

    5. I once thought that a concoction was the name of an actual dish.

    6. Most of my wardrobe is either extremely faded or contain stains.

    7. I always resist the urge to try and convert the bible bangers/JW's knocking at my door- and I'm slightly mixed up on whether that's a good or a bad thing.

    8. I often paraphrase southern speech. I.E. "Well I'll be dawggone" or "Ya don say"

    9. I was once bitten on the butt by a dog. Note: There's no sign of evidence- that I can see.

    10. I don't use nail polish, makeup or any extra bodily substance that isn't shampoo or lotion and my family still thinks I'm beautiful.