Monday, February 2, 2015

Glad School Will Be Open Tomorrow

Two kids, 18 inches of snow, and a mother who is wishing there were a way to send them to school.  We cleaned their room this morning.  It's been needing it for weeks, and I started it Friday before we got distracted with other activities.  After cleaning, they were ready to romp in the snow.   Our back stairs were a hill of snow.  What's the best way to get down snow covered stairs?  Shovel and walk?  Stay up and don't bother?  No.  The best way is to SLIDE!  And that's just what they did.  Once they were dow, I grabbed the shovel and began to clear.  You can now step out our back door and get down the steps, but don't thing about using the rest of the deck.

After 30 short minutes, the kids had had enough of the snow.  They were ready to come in for hot chocolate and change into cozy pjs (at the late, late hour of 11:30 AM!).

"You two stop bickering!"

I did not yell it this time.  I'm usually the one, but this time it was Hummingbird chastising Bumble Bee and our neighbor.  The two of them were arguing over a snowball fight gone awry.  I held my tongue this time, but I thought, Like mother, like daughter.  She should remember how she felt just now when she next wants to argue with her sister.

As the sidewalks and streets are slowly being cleared, I think we are all ready for school to reopen tomorrow.  One snow day is plenty enough for us!

But if the snow sticks around, I'm already planning for some snowshoeing at Northerly Island this weekend!

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