Sunday, February 1, 2015

Deja Vu

Four years ago today we were having fun watching snow fall and build until the kids were chest deep.   They are taller now, but we are again watching the snow fall and the wind blow.  As the afternoon wears on we'll be seeing more and more blizzard conditions.

The kids have more mixed feelings, and the weather has made for a somewhat crazy day.  I agreed to let Hummingbird sleepover at a friend's house last night before we knew this was coming.  At a quarter to ten, I considered going to pick her up.  I was lazy, though, and thought I would let her skip church and pick her up in the afternoon "after streets and san had a chance to clear the roads."  That didn't happen.  At 4AM our weather radio woke me up to tell me we were under blizzard warning through tonight, and that the weather would get worse as the day wore on.

By 7:10 buses were running 25 minutes apart, and it was clear I would need to drive DH to the train for work.  I decided to pick up Hummingbird then because I was already part of the way to her.  So, when I got to her 20 minutes after dropping DH off, I realized I left my house keys in another coat pocket!  So, I had to drive downtown to get DH's.  I discovered that the weather was bad enough that streets and san was already falling behind.  Our usually pristine major thorough fares were not pristine.  The interstate was also not great.  We made it home safely, though, with only a wee bit of sliding around.  A friend texted to ask me to cover the candle desk at church, and our Sunday school director texted to say she was afraid she wouldn't make it out of her alley.  So, when we got home at 8:45, I still had to get ready, but I had no time.  That meant no shower!  I brushed my hair and pulled it back with a headband, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and we headed out.  I felt I should warn everyone and stand back a bit, but apparently I don't smell too bad after one day.  That's a relief.

The kids moaned as we walked to church in the driving snow, but I was not going to pull my car out again.  We did cut through the tunnel in a hospital parking lot and then cut through the hospital. That helped some, but when we arrived our snow boots had not worked fully and we all had to shake snow out.  Probably the saddest part of the day was having to postpone a pre-release party for Catherine's Pascha, a new book by Charlotte Riggle.  Very few kids showed up to church and many people left quickly at the end.  We'll get to do the party as part of our Lenten Retreat, though, and it will fit in well.  Bumble Bee can't wait; she has been reading the book since it arrived.

Despite the difficulties presented by the weather, Bumble Bee is completely enjoying herself.  She has been jumping on the snow, throwing snow balls, planning a snowman, and hoping for the day off tomorrow.  They just had to make up a day for the missed school days early last month.  I guess if they get out tomorrow, we'll lose President's day in a couple of weeks, or add yet another day at the end of the year.  I want year-round school.  Sleeping in through more of the winter would be a welcome trade for a few weeks less in the summer!  Plus, not only would it prevent a scramble for "emergency" childcare, but it would prevent some of the "summer learning slide" we hear so much about these days.  For a place like Chicago, it's really the way to go!

Oh well, that's my rambling rant.  Time to make hot chocolate and put on a good, winter movie.


  1. I'm so glad you are hosting a pre-release party for the fabulous Catherine's Pascha :) It was your release party that started the wheels turning for her (I hope that's ok to share :) )
    It's a sweet blessing to be within walking distance of church, sigh!

  2. I didn't know that, but it is nice to know. We can't wait to share the book more with all our church friends (old and new)!