Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teachers' Strike Day 4

Well, homeschooling crumbled today.  We're hearing rumors that this will be resolved in time for students to return to school on Monday.  Three quarters of our household will be thrilled if that happens.   Bumble Bee is the only one who still wants the teachers to strike so she doesn't have go to school.  I told her teacher last week it would set her back if they went on strike, and it will.

The city has 145 schools open and staffed by principals and other non-CTU staff.  One of those is within 2 seconds of us.  So, we may send Hummingbird tomorrow, and perhaps, Bumble Bee.  They won't be holding classes, but it will be like a day camp with including independent reading and writing, arts and journaling, sports activities, and computer-based programming.

Even though today didn't work out the week certainly wasn't a total loss.  Hummingbird did complete a nice project on the history of the American Flag. She also learned some new grammar and practice a bunch of math.  And we've done two cool science projects, one of which I recorded and used to practice video editing.

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