Sunday, February 5, 2012

Will You Still Be "Pro-Life" After She's Born? Yes!

A friend recently put this poster on her Facebook page, saying she agrees with it.

By: Strong Intelligent Women Choosing Equality
& Freedom Instead Of Religion

In all fairness, I can't say I disagree with what the poster says.  The words are indeed in keeping with church teachings about how we should respect life and the gifts God has given us.  HOWEVER, I am deeply disturbed by this group and what the poster means to its members.  While these people may speak out vehemently against war, hunger, poverty, homelessness, the planet's degradation, capital punishment, and for educational and employment opportunity, "human" rights, and might I add animal rights, they think it's okay to kill babies.  Right there on their poster is the image of a "fetus."  Is it a just a fetus, a clump of cells or do I see tiny hands, and toes, little ears and a nose?  Those things belong to BABIES!  Indeed that fetus looks remarkably like a baby who has been born.  And if I'm not mistaken babies are humans.  Moreover, by 18 weeks in utero the nervous system is rapidly maturing.  This means that the baby can feel pain.  Let's not hurt a poor little kitty cat, but it's okay to rip your baby apart, certainly causing pain, because it's inconvenient for you to have her.  So, how can you claim to support human rights (and support animal rights) when you support abortion, which takes away the rights of so many humans before they have any opportunities?

With our modern technological advances, we are able to see the development of a baby in her mother's womb.  We are able very early on to see the features that make her human.  Years ago, you may have been able to plead ignorance and call her nothing more than a clump of cells, but doing so today shows only a blind selfishness.  If you are not willing to offer your offspring the opportunity to live, then you should reconsider your pre-conception choices and show a little self-control.  Despite what society wants us to believe, we will not die if we don't have sex.  And if you are not willing to live with the possible consequences of having sex, you should not be doing it.

So, will I still be "Pro-Life" after she's born?  Yes!  And I'll continue to pray and fight for her life before she's born.

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  1. The whole poster is based on the premise that everything mentioned (including the right to life before birth) is equal. It's not. If the premise is false then the argument is invalid. It's a straw man argument.