Thursday, February 2, 2012

29 Day Alphabet Photo Challenge

I'm going to take Mat. Anna's Alphabet Photo Challenge.  I'll be a day behind her, though, because I didn't start yesterday.  I think after I get all the letters, I'll also, make a photo collage.  I'm hoping that my photos will turn out well enough to make a great collage.  Wouldn't that make a lovely gift for a child's bedroom or playroom?!

So, this post is brought to you today by the letter A.

Letter A Key from Remington Rand Model 1 Typewriter


  1. I love those old-fashioned typewriters, although in the digital age, any typewriter, by definition, qualifies as old-fashioned. Looking forward to B, and beyond.

    (another) Elizabeth

  2. My kids and I love them, too! In fact, we have a friend over right now, who is playing with it!