Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Thought to Live By

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.  The country is still in shambles, and violence is rampant.  The Haitian police are fighting a losing battle to round up about 4,000 prisoners who escaped when the earthquake struck.  Last night on Frontline: Battle for Haiti this problem was discussed, as recovery in Haiti cannot really begin until the rule of law is .

I found the show to be quite a revealing look at life in Haiti.  It has always been in my mind a place I would rather not go.  It still is really.  However, a quote from Daniel Rouzier, a Haitian businessman, about living there really stuck with me.  He said,  "At times coming from Haiti feels like a burden. It feels like a heavy cannon ball tied to your ankles. It feels like a curse really. I used to really feel that. Until it came to me that living in Haiti was a blessing. It is the opportunity to touch Christ every day -- in the person that can't feed himself, in the men in the prison, in the kids that contracted AIDS and doesn't have access to his medicine."

That is the way to look at life in general.  Every day affords a new opportunity to touch Christ in those around us.  Sadly, we squander so many of those chances, but this reminder might just help me take advantage of the next one that comes along...

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