Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow in 49 of These United States... I Want to See 50!

My husband left an article up on today that caught my attention.  It snowed in 49 states.  When I read the headline earlier this morning, I thought Hawaii must be the hold out, and 49 would be the best we could ever hope for.  Not so quick!  I was wrong, and Florida is the hold out (it snows regularly in Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea in the winter!  I never would have guessed).  I feel certain Mother Nature could push some snow a little further south into the Florida panhandle.  It really wouldn't have to go all that far.

Anyway, we've seen so much snow since moving to Chicago, that I pretty much stopped taking snowy day pictures after Bumble Baby's first snow experience.  However, with so much snow in the U.S. I felt inspired to take a few pictures (as did Bumble).

Looking for the acorn she threw to the squirrels.

Said acorn buried in the snow...

Our snowy little corner of the world (okay, of our backyard).

"The Snow" photo by Bumble Baby

Another View: "The Snow" photo by Bumble Baby

Bumble and her acorn

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