Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Remembrance: Archbishop Job

Today is the anniversary of the repose of Archbishop Job of Chicago and the Midwest.  The past few months have been full of reminders of him.  For most of the past year, I've tried not to think about him, but that's been hard to do at times.  Julia sporadically thinks about him and declares weepily that she misses him.  A feast passes or something happens at church, and we are reminded of the days when he was with us.

Over Thanksgiving weekend we visited some friends in Iowa and played a video that I took from Holy Week 2009 for them.  I have watched the video since Vladika's death, but I had not listened to it until that evening.  Listening to him chanting made it feel like he was right there, or that he would be walking into church again.  It was a miracle that I captured this video.  We had wanted to record Vladika chanting the 15th antiphon for years, but he sometimes refused to chant it out of humility. This year we managed to convince him to sing it, and I was miraculously able to video it (children were occupied or sleeping at just the right time --Bumble Baby started crying just after he finished--, the batteries lasted, and so did the memory in the camera).   Little did we know it would also be the last time he would chant it at Holy Trinity.

Below are photos of some precious moments we spent with Archbishop Job.  We continue to miss him dearly.

Palm Sunday 2006 Ordination of Subdeacon Gregory
Brookfield Zoo 2007
Brookfield Zoo 2007
Brookfield Zoo 2007 with Clifford the Big Red Dog
Pentecost 2007
Pascha 2009 Blessing the Baskets 
Pentecost 2009
Episcopal Tickle July 2009
Our  kids loved the tickles he offered with his prayer ropes.

Memory Eternal!

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  1. Memory Eternal!

    He was a true shepherd and is missed.

    Thank you for the pictures.