Sunday, December 5, 2010

One of Those Mornings

Today I woke up and started getting breakfast for the kids, when Subdeacon Gregory walked out of the bedroom and said, "Did you make bread?"  "Uh oh.  I meant to do that last night, and I forgot."  So, with a little over two hours until I needed to get to church, I started baking.  The dough, however, did not want to cooperate and would not rise.  I rolled the loaves anyway, sealed them, and set them in the warm oven.  Still, they weren't rising!  I closed the oven door and declared them a loss while Gregory hoped that church would be empty because of the snow, and we could use a few little loaves that were frozen at church.  I walked to my room to get ready and said a little prayer, "Please make the bread rise; I don't want to waste it."  When I walked back to the kitchen a few minutes later, I peeked in the oven hoping for my miracle, and there it was!  They had risen, and I had just enough time to let them bake before Bumble and I had to follow Daddy and Yaya to church.  First, problem of the morning successfully solved!  Bumble and I walked happily to church through the snow, stopping to look at all the yellow spots; no stroller necessary!

Liturgy went smoothly.  Yaya and Bumble were both well behaved, and no one whined about stockings that kept falling down.  Then, we headed over to coffee hour.  I got juice for Bumble, coffee for me, and a piece of cake for us to share.  I sat her in her booster seat to get everything else situated.  Then, another little boy promptly spilled a cup of hot tea right on Bumble's hand.  She let out a wail, so I grabbed her, wiped off some of the tea, and headed to the kitchen to run her hand under cold water.  Then, someone suggested we ice it, but there was no ice to be found in the hall, so instead a few slices of frozen sweet bread, courtesy of Starbucks, was brought out.  Bumble sat very quietly with the burned hand on the table and the bread on top of her hand while I fed her cake and cranberry raspberry juice.  Her hand was red, but she seemed to be doing okay.  Then, she asked to sit on my lap.  A few minutes later she said, "Pee pee, Mama," as I felt my lap getting warm.  Ironically, a lady had been holding her in church earlier and asked me if Bumble was potty trained because she couldn't feel a diaper... I guess the trauma of the tea made her forget she had to pee.  So, I put on the spare diaper and declared it time to go home.  Since we didn't bring the stroller, though, I had to carry her all the way home so we could be quick.  She and I were, after all, bare legged and wet, respectively.  We did make it home, and I put Bumble down for a nice nap before taking a second shower of the day.

It was a rather rough morning, but with some extra grace on our side we seem to have made it through...

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