Monday, December 6, 2010

Feast of St. Nicholas

After Yaya was born, I decided that I wouldn't push the idea of Santa Claus.  Instead, I wanted Christmas to revolve around Jesus.  However, I loved the idea of celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas.  Afterall, he is a great Christian role model...someone who loved Christ and his fellow human beings.  And not only did he help others, he is the foundation of the Santa Claus legend, so why not celebrate him instead.

So, when Yaya was not much more than a month old, I filled stockings for St. Nicholas day (we're germaphobes around here, so no putting anything into shoes).  For that first St. Nicholas day celebration, I gave her a short book on St. Nicholas's life, and Daddy and I got a book with an akathist to St. Nicholas.  I never know where to buy those chocolate golden coins, but every year someone brings some to church, so I can add them to the stockings, too.  This year I thought I'd put in golden dollars until Matushka Joanna brought me a small bag of the chocolate ones.  Then, I add tons of little trinkets to make children happy.

Of course, a feast day celebration would not be complete without going to church, and we usually do that, too.  This year we had to miss church because Bumble got sick last night, but we do still have that akathist to pray together here at home and the life of the saint that we read at breakfast.

Joyous Feast!

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