Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Embarking on a New Adventure

Over the weekend we were at a friend's birthday party.  It was held in his uncle's lovely backyard, which included an abundant grape vine.  We came home with about 10 pounds of concord grapes, half of which I just spent the last 30 minutes washing.  So, I'm scouring the internet to find the easiest way to make GRAPE JELLY!  I have a large pressure cooker that I seem to recall having instructions for making jam.  I have some jars; I need to get some pectin.  I've found a few recipes/instructions that look promising, but it still seems like an intimidating task.

Nonetheless, I am not deterred.  I do suspect that some you out there have embarked upon this particular adventure, and I would love to hear your suggestions and advice before I begin.


  1. I've never made grape jelly, but I've made strawberry and peach freezer jam. (I don't have the equipment to make "real" jelly.) I fully expected it all to fail but it didn't! :) My advice would be to follow the directions and try your best and enjoy the outcome even if it means spooning it over ice cream. :)

  2. I finally did make the jelly a bit ago, and the kids have loved it. It's a little thin, but they can spread it on sandwiches still, and we've used it as syrup on waffles!