Friday, April 12, 2013

My Visit to Aristotle Greek School

Yesterday was my visit to the Aristle Greek School in Niles.  It went very well.  As Ms. Rita, the preschool coordinator, introduced me, she showed the children my picture from the back of the book.  She had shown the picture to the kids during the week before.  So, as she told them I was the author who was going to talk to them, one little boy said, "But she doesn't look like her [pointing to the picture]!"  Indeed, I've had a haircut since the photograph in the book was taken!  

First, I read the story to them.  Then, I answered the questions that the kids had prepared in advance.  The three-year-olds got a bit antsy and had to leave before I could answer the last question.  When we finished the main talk, I took pictures with each class and the kids who were buying books.  Then, the kindergarten class and I sat down to chat some more.  They had a few more questions and wanted to tell me all about their writing and illustrations.  It was fun all around!

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  1. Funny about the haircut! Children are so observant. (:

    Glad it went well!

    1. I thought it was pretty funny, too, and it needed to be shared.