Friday, April 5, 2013

A New Hat: Public Speaking

I am venturing into new endeavors.  Next week, I will have my first professional public speaking engagement.  I am very excited to be doing a reading of Josiah and Julia Go to Church for the Pre-K and Kindergarten students at St. Haralambos Aristotle Greek School.  I will also be speaking to them about being an author.  I asked the teachers to have the children prepare a few questions in advance.  At this age attention spans can be short if they're not really interested, so I want to talk about those aspects of writing that interest them.  Some questions are quite apropos, such as "What other books are you going to write?"  Others are much more general interest: "What is your favorite color?"  I know this is a very important subject for kids.  I hope they don't dislike me when I tell them its BROWN!

Currently, if you have an event at which you'd like a children's book author to speak, initial arrangements can be made with the Orthodox Speakers Bureau.  I'm working on adding other topics for the near future, too.

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