Friday, March 30, 2012

Cat Stuck in a Tree

What will we do with our girls?!

Hummingbird has a loft bed, and Bumble Bee has a toddler bed beneath it.  They were playing around instead of sleeping tonight.  So, we took Hummingbird's ladder away until they fell asleep.  Or so we thought...

Until Hummingbird came out and said, "Bumble Bee needs help.  She's stuck."

"Why is she stuck?"
Using the chair at the right side of the photo and the desk, Bumble Bee climbed up the side of the bed, and Hummingbird pulled her over the rail!  It was sort of funny and amazing that they did it, but of course, they got in trouble because of the danger factor.

What will we do with these two?!

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