Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little More Fall

Last week, I went to a frame shop to have a Chicago map poster framed, and while I was talking with the shop keeper, Caterpillar kept trying to get me to look at the fancy frame samples.  She thought it would be great to frame some of her artwork in a fancy frame.  So, after some time of her telling me how great the fancy frames are, and my telling her that we couldn't use a fancy frame right now, the shop keeper gave her a small fancy frame.

We discussed what to put in it.  She thought it should be something pretty and special.  The first thought was that she would draw a picture of humming birds, but after a bit she didn't like that idea.  I suggested a rubbing of fall leaves, but our leaves didn't offer enough relief to work well.  So, on our morning walk to the park today, Bumble Bee collected some pretty leaves, and we framed them.  Caterpillar has yet to see the result, so this may not be the final use of the frame, but I sort of like it.

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