Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall is Upon Us

Fall used to be my all time favorite season.  I love the changing colors of the leaves, the brisk winds, wearing warm, cozy sweaters without a coat.  We're having some lovely cool weather with golden leaves today.  Since moving north, I've really relished the leaves which aren't as dramatic in Louisiana.  However, as much as I still love fall, I'm beginning to dread winter.  The snow is fun for a bit, and we do love to frolic in it from time to time, but when people don't shovel their sidewalks, it becomes difficult to go out with a stroller.  Plus, once winter comes it seems to stay forever, and I quickly get tired of putting coats on children and searching for missing mittens.  One year I bought several sets of mitten clips to keep mittens attached to coats (we've lost and found so many mittens, I could pretty much put a set with each coat.), but they've started falling off anyway.  So, as I think about all the fall activities I'd like to do, I am also dreading the next season.

I guess I must simply focus on the moment and enjoy this season, knowing that eventually we'll make it to Spring.  In that optimistic vein, here are a few...

Things I'd like to do the fall:
1. Pick apples, but as all the orchards around here seem to use pesticides, I may try for pumpkins instead.  You can find farms and orchards around the country to visit here.
2. Sit in the yard with a cozy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and friends while the girls run around.
3. Do leaf rubbings on construction paper with crayons or oil pastels.  Do other autumn crafts as well.
4. Bake an apple pie from scratch, including the crust (I always buy the crust!).
5. Watch the girls jump in a pile of leaves.

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