Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hating Disney

My kids are loving the movie Frozen.  They memorized most of the lyrics to the songs and whole scenes, even though they've only seen the movie twice.  I even like the movie, overall.  So, I ordered a copy for their Pacha Baskets.  Disney had a great pre-order deal: buy the blu-ray combo, get 4 lithographs and a $20 coupon.  Can't go wrong!

Oh, actually, can go wrong.  After placing the order they emailed to say the lithographs were no longer available.  Okay, we'll still take the movie and coupon...  But wait, here comes an email offering Frozen and Tinkerbell lithographs if you enter a magic code for each movie and pay $3.65!  No more lithographs available??

A customer service email got a "we'll pass along your comment to management."

Okay, I still have the coupon code.  Let me go buy the Frozen costume BumbleBee would like for Halloween & her birthday party.  Oh, wait it's not on the Disney store website any more.  I wonder when they'll get more in.  I hope it's soon because the coupon code expires on March 30.  (I've been checking back regularly since March 18).  Still not available.  Let me email to see when more will be in.

Response: "Unfortunately, we are not given any notification on if or when items 
will be restocked on the website".  Sorry we can't help.

Okay, then can you extend my coupon so that I can get the discount I paid for whenever the site is restocked?

Response:  No, you'll just have to hope for another promotion code when it's back in stock.

I am totally disgusted with Disney's customer service.  I guess they no they hold all the power.  Kids really want their stuff, and parents will just have to pay through the nose for it or bear the complaints of their children.