Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Child Nutrition and Cooking (Updated)

I'm a bit disappointed in this class after the second week.  I had expected the second week of lectures to be more in depth, to teach me something new.  Sadly for me, the class is really just skimming the surface, touching on things that have been brought up by the "Food Movement" without even going as deep as some of its proponents.

If you have never cooked or paid attention to all the news about food -- slow food, whole food, real food, edible food substances -- then you may learn something new in this class and find further resources to learn more.  If you generally keep up on all of this stuff, which I do, then you might get a few good recipes and a review outline.

On the other hand, it is free so it doesn't hurt to check it out still...

Six months ago or so, I discovered the wonderful world of online education.  Several of the large and prestigious universities in the US are offering free courses online for everyone.  I've been enjoying this new venue for "life-long learning." And yesterday was the beginning of a new Coursera class on child nutrition and cooking.

Childhood nutrition is at the front of my mind, and I am usually racking my brain for new ideas to get the kids, especially Hummingbird, to eat healthier foods.  Needless to say, I am very excited about this class.  The short lectures this week have already offered a couple of quick ideas to try at home.  Additionally, there are several optional lectures that look at everything from the big bad boogie man, "Big Agriculture" to breastfeeding and their effects on childhood obesity and malnutrition.  There are also weekly cooking assignments.  This first week's is to create a colorful vegetable feature dish with at least three vegetables.  I can't wait to try this.  I'll probably be thinking of ideas as I fall asleep tonight...

This is a free class and you need not invest a ton of time to get some benefits from it, only commit what you can.  So, I highly recommend it for anyone interested in childhood nutrition in general or specifically for your own kids.

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