Saturday, October 13, 2012

Best Birthday Party Ever...

...and the easiest fondant cake!

Hummingbird celebrated her birthday with a private ice skating party.  I was lucky enough to win it for less than half the regular cost at a school auction.  We painted faces, put on tattoos, and ate cake for about 45 minutes.  Then, the kids had the rink all to themselves for an hour.  They skated to exhaustion.  This was the least work I've ever done for a party and it went great.

Behold, the cake! From the moment we walked into the skating arena, the compliments on the cake began.  A few years ago, I used Wilton's store-bought fondant for a Dora cake, and it was AWFUL!  This time I made the fondant myself from marshmallows & powdered sugar.  I was really worried about this because fondant sounds SOOO hard to do, but it was so easy.

I made a template to cut the skate, used a cookie cutter for the hearts, and free-handed her name. The key is to make the fondant shapes a few days ahead, and then simply put it all together just before.

It was a good day.  Now the planning begins for Bumble Bee's birthday.

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