Monday, June 11, 2012

Computer Silhouettes

So, I saw a pin on pinterest at for doing computer generated silhouettes that I thought was pretty cool.  Then, I recently got an email from Paperless Post for a competition to win "a Custom Portrait by Artist Carter Kustera."  The portrait is a silhouette with a custom caption.  When I saw it, I thought, I don't need to enter the contest. I can do that!

So, I did.  I'm thinking I can print something like this for their grandmothers for Christmas or birthdays.  These took only about 10 minutes using a digital camera and Photoshop. The link above has another link to free software that would allow you to do the same thing. What a great, inexpensive gift this could be.  Shutterfly or at home 8x10 prints, a cute frame, and a great gift.  My mother still has a construction paper silhouette that we made at school when I was in first grade.  It would also be cool to compare that to the girls', too.  Anyway, now that I know it works, I may try again with new photographs.  Probably something with their hair in pony tails to make the silhouettes neater and less "fat" looking.
Hummingbird picked what hers should say, and when I redo them, I'll let Bumble Bee pick her caption. Then, each will have a piece of art that captures not only her image through ta camera lens, but her self-image as well!

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