Thursday, May 3, 2012

From a Boy to a Soldier

A year ago, my oldest nephew, who graduated high school at the top of his class, decided to quit college and enlist in the army.  When I heard the news, I thought, Is he stupid?  He was so smart.  Why would he want to join the army? He could do anything.  Well, I just found at least a part of the answer.  When his mom tried to convince him not to join, his response was "Mom, I just want to serve."

He's currently finishing up basic training.  I've largely been a slacker of an aunt, just watching from a distance... although I did have the girls make pictures for him to hang in his locker, and they wanted to include some of their Easter candy, which he probably wasn't allowed to keep...

Well, I'm probably still going to be a slacker if I'm honest, but now I'll be able to keep a little more in touch with what's going on in his and my sister's life.  She recently set up a blog to reflect on her experiences as an army mom.  I know she's really scared about the whole thing and trying to figure it all out and adjust.  I just read her first post, and I am so awed by her.  She has so much courage, strength, and grace.  I know she'll get through this period in their lives.  I suspect others will find her reflections to be beneficial, inspirational even.  So, I've added a link in my sidebar (her blog shares a title with this post).

We'll be praying for her, Matt, and all of their family.  A few years ago, our Sunday school children each took a weekday to pray for soldiers from our parish.  We aren't faithful in praying for the soldiers weekly anymore, but we do it from time to time.  Matt is giving us a good reminder to get back in the habit of praying for them and all soldiers.  If you know any soldiers, for whom you'd like us to pray each week, please send me their names, and I'll add them to our list.

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