Monday, November 22, 2010

My Title Photograph

I thought I would offer some insight into my title photograph today.  I love this picture.  I'm not a terribly patriotic country.  I love the US perfectly well, but I'd probably be equally happy in a number of other countries if the fates demanded it.  However, when I took this photograph years ago it struck me as the epitome of American patriotism and all that is good about it.

It was taken in in the heart of the Midwest, in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, which by the way, seems to be the new Mecca of Hollywood filming  (I guess that metaphor may detract from traditional ideas of American patriotism... Oh, well).   Anyway, it has three key components that illustrate this patriotic flare.

1. A neighborhood playground symbolic of good old American family values.
2. The symbol of all patriotic symbols, the American flag waving in the autumn breeze. (I also just adore the fall colors and changing foliage of my favorite season - yet another reason to love the photo).
3. The Sears Tower standing tall in the background is a testament to the heights to which our society can soar.*
*Ironic footnote: Just last year a British company rented space and naming rights in the tower, so now it is known as the Willis Tower.  But some of us who believe that it is just wrong to rename an iconic building call it Big Willie (thank you, Mayor Daley, for the nickname) if we can't call it the Sears Tower.

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