Saturday, November 20, 2010


I'm not very good about remembering to pray more during the fasts.  I do, however, say extra prayers on Sundays as we light our advent wreath.  As a former Catholic this is a practice that I was loath to give up when I converted.  Fortunately, for me our first Orthodox parish had adapted the tradition for use in the Nativity Fast.  Because there aren't enough Sundays this year, we started praying with our wreath on this past Monday.  As part of the prayers each week, an appropriate Christmas carol is also sung (or in our case listened to).  I had made a CD of religious carols, and should have had them in my iTunes library as well, but for all that I could not find a copy of this weeks carol.  So, in a pinch, because our computer is in the dining room, I searched it on YouTube and played several versions.  Here is the one by Christianity Today that was most popular with the girls.  In fact, every time we sit down to eat Sarah asks for the "girl sing."

Tomorrow I may type up the prayers we say and include them as well... We'll see.

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