Sunday, November 21, 2010

Advent Wreath Prayers: 1st and 2nd Sundays

First Sunday of Advent
Reader: This first candle is green to remind us of faith, the faith we have in God that He will keep His promise to send His Son.
Verse: One Advent candle now we light to show the coming gift of light; bring unto our darkened sight the Light that’s from above.
Reading: The Prophecy from Isaiah 9:1, 5-6; 40:3-5; 52:7
Prayer: Gracious God, as the world that sat in darkness looked forward to Your coming, so we on this First Sunday light a candle to show our anticipation.  We want Your coming to our souls to rid us of the darkness of sin and pride.  Instead, light in us the flame of love and service to others. Amen.
Carol: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Second Sunday of Advent
Reader: The second candle is blue to remind us of the hope we have that Christ will come into our lives to bring joy and peace.
Verse: Now, the Advent lights are two, and our vows we shall renew, as pilgrims over field and stone, to seek the Christ and find our home.
Reading: The Promise from St. Luke 1:5-31
Prayer: Come, Lord, into our tired, sinful world.  Put a smile on our lips and joy in our hearts.  Take away our sadness so that we have hope in You.  Amen.
Carol: Joy to the World

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